Mark Zuckerberg Voices His Opinion on Apple’s Vision Pro VR Headset

In the competitive world of virtual reality (VR), Apple’s recent release of the Vision Pro headset has drawn attention from Meta, its chief rival in the market. Just days before Apple’s launch, Meta introduced its highly anticipated Quest 3 device.

During an internal meeting with Meta employees, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, shared his thoughts on Apple’s inaugural VR headset, the Vision Pro. Zuckerberg acknowledged Apple’s use of higher-resolution displays, but he pointed out certain drawbacks that Meta’s teams have already explored and addressed.

Zuckerberg highlighted that while Apple’s device offers improved display quality, it requires more power, necessitates a wired connection, and comes with a significantly higher price tag compared to Meta’s Quest 3.

However, Zuckerberg emphasized a more fundamental difference in values and vision between Meta and Apple regarding their respective headsets. He emphasized that Meta’s vision is centered around social interaction and creating new ways for people to connect and engage. In contrast, he felt that Apple’s approach seemed to isolate users, depicting “a person sitting on a couch by themselves.”

Zuckerberg concluded his remarks by acknowledging that Apple’s Vision Pro could represent a potential future for computing, but it was not aligned with his own vision for the industry.

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