Can Smart wearable technology really improve your life?

What is most amazing than the frontiers of fashion meeting technology! Smart wearables are becoming increasingly popular. Its intriguing to know that smart wearables has gone beyond smart wristwatches to include; smart rings that track your sleep and activity, smart headphones to track your heart rate, smart patches placed on the skin to monitor vital signs like temperature, smart glasses that can display information like notification and even smart shoes that track your step and distance. Amazing right?

We will be evaluating the importance and efficiency of smart wearables in improving the life of people.

Beyond the Wrist

At this point, it is pertinent to state that there are smart wearables that don’t just go on the wrist. There are examples of smart wearable technologies that are not worn on the wrist.

1. Smart Jewelries:

Emerging trends in the infusion of tech on fashion has included the stylish smart jewelries. These includes necklaces. bracelets. The plan is to look chic while enjoying extra functionality. As regards this, it is important to consider the following jewelries.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban; It is is a health tracker that is able to predict stress based on your lifestyle habits. It monitors your activity, sleep, hydration, reproductive health and alerts you to oncoming stress while guided breathing and meditation exercises help you relax. Leaf has a new elegant geometric design made from a water-resistant wood composite and stainless steel. An amazing thin about this beautiful art is that it can both be worn a necklace or bracelet.


  • It tracks activities, active steps and calories burnt.
  • Monitors quality and duration of sleep.
  • Can serve as an alarm
  • No charging because it runs on a 6 months coin battery
  • Weight is 18g
  • Water resistanceIPX Grade 6
  • Dimensions: H 48mm x W 28mm x D 11,5mm

Aries Smart Bracelet; The launch of Ringly’s “Aries” collection; a quartet of slim, gold-plated bangles in four semi-precious stone options was gateway to possibilities in combining tech and fashion. The Smart bracelets rely on a Bluetooth connection from your phone to shoot notification to the device. Through the Ringly app installed in your phone, you can control notifications and filter messages and respond accordingly. It also tracks and customizes notifications from your phone apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail etc.), and vibrates when you get a notification.


  • DIMENSIONS; S/M: 6.5 inches, M/L: 7.5 inches
  • BATTERY LIFE; 24–48 hours 
  • ALERTS; 5 colored lights, 4 vibration settings for customized alerts.
2. Smart Patches:

Smart Skin patches are wearable devises to were designed to be attached directly on the skin. They are usually health indicators. Patches makes use of sensors and wireless technology to track and keep data such as heart rate, respiration, hydration levels, body temperature and detecting early signs of sickness. Its data are transmitted to a phone or computer for analysis and interpretation.

On November 2020, the VitalPatch RTM was launched as a cardiac monitoring solution for patients. It monitors cardiac arrhythmias through a unique AI-based ECG analysis solution and captures data on four key vital signs, providing a more complete view of a patient’s condition. With it, a patient’s data is collected continuously, in real-time, and stored on the secure VitalCloud, where physicians can view the patient’s status at any time.

3. Smart Rings:

The Aries Smart ring has a similar feature with its bracelet.

4. Smart Glasses:

The trends of smart glasses has become somewhat popular. Similar to traditional glasses, smart glasses are also worn on the face. But the difference includes that they were developed with built-in-displays that serves the purpose of projecting digital information into the user’s field of information. For each, its purpose and functions differs. The information displayed may range from notifications, GPS directions to reality or virtual features like overlaying virtual objects to physical world.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses; is a new generation Ai smart glasses made by meta Ai. With its iconic style, you can capture and share your world with photos, a video call or a livestream, listen to your favorite playlist and make a call or text using voice commands, all from your smart glasses.


  • Ultra-wide 12MP camera and five-mic system for taking high-quality photos and immersive videos.
  • A capture button that takes pictures at the touch of a button.
  • Open-ear speakers; discreet speakers let you enjoy rich audio quality, music and calls without losing the ambient sounds of your surrounding.

Exploring The Benefits of Smart Wearables

1. Health Monitoring and Tracking.

If you have a medical condition or have an unstable health situation, you might be interested in smart jewelry that is designed for tracking and monitoring your health. This improves your life because, you have a device that helps you track your health and provides data for proper medical analysis while still looking stylish. With it, you can monitor your sleep patterns, hydration, body temperature, how your body responds to activities throughout the day.

2. Sports and Fitness.

Wearable athletic devices can be used to keep track of your fitness exercises by measuring and calculating burnt calories during the course of your excercise activities. If you’re an avid sports lover, smart wearables are available to help you track your progress.

3. Entertainment.

Its no longer news that smart that some gaming and entertainment industries has adopted the VR headsets, smart glasses and controllers. Popular VR head-mounted displays, such as Oculus Quest, Meta Quest and Sony PlayStation VR, are used for all types of entertainment purposes, including gaming, watching movies and virtual game traveling.


Smart wearable technology has indeed contributed to the improvement of life. The need to track ones health, monitor body vitals, receive notifications without having the mobile phone and also get entertainment by just a face device has been made possible. Its an endless list of marching style with innovation. The benefits of technological enhancement cannot be denied.

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