The Benefits of Biometrics For Mobile Security

Have you ever wondered why your fingerprint or facial image could unlock your phone but someone else’s would be barred from access to you devices by same? Or have you been amazed by how your devices could tell apart from you or an intruder by your fingerprint? That is the wonders and benefits of biometrics for mobile security. The ever evolving AI has made this possible.

Biometrics are indeed the measurement or analysis of unique physical or behavioral characteristics for identifying individuals.

Common types of biometrics used in mobile devices include:

1. Fingerprint Recognition:

The human finger has unique patterns of ridges and valley. And each person has a unique fingerprint. This means that no two persons own the same fingerprints. Thus, biometrics of fingerprint recognition uses the unique ridges and valley on a persons finger to identify a person’s identity.

2. Facial Recognition:

Here, a person’s individual facial features are used to identify him. These features could include the following;

  • Facial landmarks: They are the facial points such as the corners of the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the chin.
  • Facial texture: This refers to the patterns and textures of a person’s skin, such as wrinkles and freckles.
  • Facial shape: This is indeed the overall shape and structure of a person’s face, such as the width and height of the forehead, nose, and chin.

4. Voice Recognition:

Do you know that your voice has a pattern? A person’s voice has unique characteristics distinct from the others and can be used to identify him. Such characteristics are;

  • Pitch: This makes reference to the highness or lowness of a person’s voice.
  • Volume: This is the loudness of a person’s voice.
  • Rhythm: It is the pace and pattern of a person’s speech.
  • Vocal tract characteristics: The shape and size of a person’s vocal tract, can affect the way their voice sounds.

Voice recognition systems use these characteristics to create a unique voiceprint for each individual. And you can get some voice command phones at amazon.

Evaluating the benefits of Biometrics for Mobile Security

  1. Convenience:

The users are provide with a more efficient way to validate themselves on their mobile devices with ease without complex codes and Pins. This will eradicate the stress of remembering and inputting the passwords which in some cases might be forgotten. The biometric authentication aids easier and faster means of unlocking the user’s devices which is stress-free and comes in handy in urgent situations. In this case, one can simply unlock a phone with a glance.

2. Reduced fraud and identity theft:

With biometric authentication, the risk of fraud and identity theft is at minimal. This is because it would be difficult for an unauthorized impersonator to get hold of sensitive information taking cognizance of the security check outs of the biometric authentication features.

3. User Friendly:

The features of a mobile biometric authentication are not difficult to decipher. They are easy to understand and comprehend even to a lay man. This is because the authentication process only requires the user’s physical characteristics (fingerprint and face) to complete validation and grant access.

4. Uniqueness:

Another key feature of the modern mobile biometric authentication is that it recognizes the uniqueness of personality. Fingerprints and facial features, which are biometric data, are is unique to each individual. This means that it is nearly impossible for hackers or fraudsters to copy or duplicate a person’s biometric data. While traditional passwords can be easily guessed or stolen, making them vulnerable to hacking and identity theft, biometric authentication is a more secure and reliable way to authenticate users. This is because it is much harder for unauthorized users to have access to a person’s biometric data.

In conclusion, the importance of biometric in mobile security cannot be overemphasized. Its aid in preventing and detecting potential threat as to hacking, identity theft and access to private information. There are various components of mobile biometric which includes fingerprint, face and voice recognition. One of the most important benefits of the authentication process is its ease of use.

Now, its easier to know the importance of those biometric features in your phone. You can know more about how to enhance the performance of your phone here.

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