Leaked Update on Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra: Launch Date and Full Specifications

The yet to be released Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is the latest addition to Samsung’s smartwatch aiming to elevate users’ experience.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know about the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

What would it be like?

People are building anticipation on the yet to launched Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, potentially what it might look like. 

According to findings the said premium Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is expected to be launched on Wednesday July 10. This is where we expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra unveiled to the world.


As for pricing, the Galaxy Watch Ultra will likely be expensive! So be ready to put a lot of money down to get the smartwatch! 

Full Specifications

Since there has been no much information on it’s specifications, build or body. Other rumors have simply indicated that an Ultra model is indeed on the way, without revealing anything about it apart from the name

Some other rumors said that the expected yet to be launched Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is going to be the first Samsung smartwatch with a Micro LED display. 

However, a recent leak also highlighted the potential colorway of an Ultra model to be all business” in Titanium Gray, with no other options available.

According to a popular known leaker Tim Tom O, he posted in his Twitter page with images attached:

Official Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra & Galaxy Ring Charger renders

Literally, almost all things about the Samsung Unpacked have been leaked as always”

This shows that will feature a square case with a circular display protected by sapphire glass. There’s additionally a possibility that the Galaxy Watch Ultra will sport a next-gen microLED screen, which is brighter, crisper, and more saturated than its OLED counterpart, not to mention, more power efficient. Maximum brightness could be as high as 3,000 nits. 

Now, you might also be wondering about internals of this Ultra watch. According to leaks it’s said that the Ultra will offer 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, and that’ll match the Galaxy Watch 7.

Without anything being officially said by Samsung on this yet to be released premium watch we look forward for it’s launching on July 10.

Generally, What you need to know!

Is it just a watch? It’s A premium Samsung smartwatch

When would it be launched? Probably July 10

How much will it cost? Could be higher than $400 / £400 / AU$670

Software: Possibly Wear OS 5

Design: A large (likely MicroLED) round screen, square case, big 100-hour battery and rugged build

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

Here’s a list of few features that we’re hoping are included with the wearable.

  1. Good looks: This wearable might be the sort of smartwatch you can take anywhere. We’re thinking premium materials, enhanced water and dust resistance, and so on.
  1. Advanced functionality: The tech market is saturated with watches that push boundaries in it’s functionality. Of course, we’re expecting the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra to come with advanced functionality. Perhaps this wearables might come with some features that take smartwatches forward.
  1. Good pricing: There are majority of users who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, they are willing to pay more to get a more capable wearable. Anyways, we’re hoping the device doesn’t come with much of a premium price tag when it gets launched.
  1. Battery life: We’re hoping this device lasts more when compared to most smatch watch like Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 or Apple Watch Ultra 2, then it would be perfect for outdoor activities.


Will the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra shake up the smartwatch market big time especially if it can compete with the Apple Watch Ultra series? We should find out soon. Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra.

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