macOS 15 Unveiled: A Look at Apple’s Latest Mac Update

Apple unveiled macOS 15, also known as macOS Sequoia, at the WWDC 2024 event. The update includes a plethora of new features intended to improve the user experience, productivity, and gaming on Apple devices.

Here is a rundown of the main highlights from macOS 15:

Enhanced Continuity: macOS Sequoia elevates Continuity, which enables seamless interaction between Apple devices. You can now mirror your iPhone screen on your Mac and control it directly from your Mac desktop. This includes the ability to move files and directories between devices.

Multitasking on macOS 15 is made easier thanks to better window tiling. Simply drag a window to the side of your screen, and macOS will recommend various layouts for organizing all of your open windows.

Redesigned Passwords App: Say goodbye to the cumbersome Keychain app. macOS 15 includes a standalone Passwords software that allows you to quickly manage your passwords across all of your Apple devices and even third-party browsers.

Streamlined Reader Mode: A new Reader Mode makes it easier to read long articles or webpages on your Mac. This mode eliminates distractions such as adverts and sidebars, allowing you to focus purely on the content.

Math Notes App: Attention all students and mathematicians! macOS 15 contains a new Math Notes program, which is specifically designed for working with mathematical equations and notations.

Improved alerts: Stay on top of what’s important with interactive alerts in macOS 15. You may now reply to messages and use emoji tapbacks directly from the notification banner, without having to go to your iPhone.

Sender Later in Messages: Like email scheduling, you may now schedule messages to be sent later from within the Messages app. This guarantees that your communications arrive at the most appropriate time.

iPhone Mirroring: macOS 15 allows you to mirror your iPhone’s screen directly on your Mac. This is excellent for presenting, demoing, or simply viewing iPhone content on a larger screen.

Game Porting Toolkit 2.0: Gamers rejoice! Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit 2.0 will make it easier for developers to deliver high-end games to Macs. This toolkit also allows you to convert Mac games to iPhones and iPads, possibly expanding your gaming collection across all Apple devices.

Control Support for Macs: To improve the gaming experience, macOS 15 now supports the popular Control video game controller. This paves the way for more immersive games on Apple Macs.

Safari’s new Highlights feature makes it easy to find key information on webpages. The browser employs artificial intelligence to automatically identify significant points in an article, saving you time and effort.

In addition to these key changes, macOS 15 is likely to have several under-the-hood performance enhancements and bug fixes. With an emphasis on user experience, productivity, and gaming advancements, macOS 15 looks to be a substantial release for Apple computer customers.

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