Microsoft Introduces New Excel Features – Formula Suggestion, Search Bar And More

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One of the most popular Microsoft products, Excel, now has additional features to improve the user experience. Microsoft has released new Excel capabilities for Windows that help simplify and accelerate the use of Excel formulas. These updated Excel capabilities are designed for web users as well as Windows and Mac users.

Formula suggestions and formula by example are two of the most important new Excel features, both of which are intended to speed up the process of performing activities that previously had to be completed manually. Suggested Links, a New Image tool, and a search bar are further features.

Formula By Example

Excel will now advise you to fill the full column with a formula if a pattern is found, according to a blog post by Microsoft. Formula by example, a feature comparable to the current Flash Fill tool, will present formulas to users as they repeatedly enter data in a column. Excel will suggest using a formula to fill the entire column if it notices a trend to expedite the process.

Formula Suggestion

On the basis of contextual insights from user data, the Formula Suggestion function will make the best formula recommendation to consumers. Every time someone types the symbol “=” in a cell or in the formula bar, Excel will automatically recommend the optimal formula to the user. At the moment, Excel offers the SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MIN, and MAX formulae. Web users will soon have access to this service.

It will be simpler to work with cloud workbooks if you use the suggested links. Microsoft claims that when an external link to a Cloud workbook is broken, the Suggested Links function will immediately detect the issue and recommend a new address to fix the broken link. Web users will shortly start seeing this service.

New Image function

The Image function inserts images and alternative text into cells from a source location. “Your photos can now be part of the worksheet, instead of floating on top,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post. Within an Excel table, you may sort, filter, and interact with photos in addition to moving and resizing cells. It will be possible to use the feature in Excel for Mac, Windows, and the web.

Users can now use the Inquiries search box to look up and find their queries.

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