How To Easily Remove Location When Sharing Photos From Apple iPhone

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The Apple iPhone has a robust camera system that can produce beautiful still images and moving pictures. When a photo is taken with a smartphone, a lot of data is added to the image, including details on the hardware, software, and location.

Even after sharing the photographs with another person, the information contained in the picture is still there. Although it facilitates media organization, it might not be a smart choice for privacy.

iOS 16

In order to protect customers’ privacy, Apple has created a function that enables users to erase the location information from the images at the time of sharing.

We’ll walk you through the process of quickly and easily deleting the location information from the pictures on your Apple iPhone so that you can share them with your loved ones.

How to remove location when sharing photos on Apple iPhone

Step 1: Open the Photos application on your Apple iPhone.

Step 2: When the app opens, find the photo that you want to share. If you want to share multiple photos, then tap on “Select” at the top-right corner and select the photos.

Step 3: After selecting the photos for sharing, tap on the Share button in the bottom-left corner.

Step 4: When the share menu appears, tap on the “Options” at the top of the screen.

Step 5: On the “Options” settings screen, toggle the switch OFF for the location and then tap the “Done” button.

I’m done now. You can share the chosen photographs in any way you see appropriate after completing this step-by-step tutorial, including utilizing any messaging app or AirDrop. When you send the images to another person, the location information will be deleted. You can disable the location for the images and videos if you find yourself sharing them frequently to avoid having to manually edit out the location information.

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