How To Easily Take Screenshots Of Touch Bar In MacBook

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Using keyboard shortcuts, you may take a snapshot or record the screen on any Apple MacBook model running the macOS operating system. The device’s snapshot capability offers a panel of tools that make it simple for users to take screenshots and screen recordings with choices to manage what is recorded.

While many people are familiar with how to take a typical screenshot of what is on a MacBook’s main screen, few users are aware of how to take a screenshot of the Touch Bar, which on some models runs along the top of the keyboard.

Here’s a quick keyboard command that will take a snapshot of your Mac’s Touch Bar and save it to the Desktop if you’re seeking for a way to do it.

On your Mac device, press the Shift + Command + 6 keys to snap a screenshot of the Touch Bar.

The screenshot that was taken on the MacBook or other Mac device will be stored as a .png file with the name “Screenshot” and the timestamp. As the touch bar’s screen resolution is 2170 x 60 pixels, the image can appear strangely narrow and wide, but you can trim it using the editing features of the Preview program.

By selecting the Keyboard option from the left sidebar, clicking the Keyboard Shortcuts option on the right side pane, and then selecting the Screenshots option, you can also edit the keyboard shortcut in your device’s keyboard settings by navigating to the Apple menu > System Settings.

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