Best Eco-friendly Tech Products and Gadgets.

The amazing realization that the world is indeed evolving is thrilling. This is because, there is a growing trend of eco-friendly tech products that aims to advance and make life easier. In this article, we will be exploring what eco-friendly tech products are and their trending innovations.

What are Eco-friendly Tech Products?

Also known as ‘Green Technology’, Eco-friendly tech products are tech products that uses less energy and produces less waste, this makes them environment friendly. High tech environmental research and green practices are used to mitigate the negative environmental impact of human activity.

The poor management of electronic-waste is resulting to a significant loss of rare and critical raw materials. This includes precious metals like the neodymium, indium, and cobalt, that are infact used to make the flat-panel TVs. over valuable elements from electronic components. Eco-friendly tech products encourages recycling and green living. They help in energy conservation and to limit the spread of pollutants.

Types of Eco-friendly Gadgets

There are products and gadgets that were produced to conserve less energy and they includes;

1. Solar Powered Laptops:

There have been Innovations as to the possibility of laptops that are charged by the renewable energy from the sun. Samsung Solar-powered Netbook NC215S is an example of a laptop that can by sunlight. Made in 2011, the Samsung NC215S is the first laptop to have a solar panel integrated into it. The panel produces a maximum of 5 watts of electricity, and the laptop would run 1 hour for every 2 hours in the sun.

2. Solar Powered Phones:

Solar powered phones are energy independent. This means that they use the sun’s energy to charge their batteries. By using renewable energy, solar-powered phones reduces the need for fossil fuels thus minimizing their environmental impact.

Samsung Guru E1107 Solar is the first solar chargeable phone from Samsung which comes with a sturdy and compact design that allows easy carrying. The solar charging option makes the phone well suited for blackouts and areas that lack electricity. It is ideally suited for rural regions. Check here for more information on mobile technology.

3. Biodegradable and Compostable Headphones:

The Majority Tru Bio wireless earbuds are the latest in recyclable tech. This biodegradable headphone is made from a 100% certified compostable plastic including the earbuds, case, and bio-cellulose speaker drivers.

4. Bamboo Keyboard:

These keyboards are made from plastic-free sources and does not harm the environment. Regular keyboards require the use plastic made from fossil fuels and they end up as electronic-waste, because they don’t biodegrade. However, the bamboo keyboard is eco-friendly as they are made from natural bamboo wood. Do you want a switch to the latest bamboo keyboards? Then you can check out the Max Makovsky Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse Combo here. It is handmade, 100% natural bamboo and comfortable.

5. Converter Solar Backpack:

The advent of the solar technology to replace products made with fossil fuels has indeed advanced the efficiency of the human life. Voltaic Systems Off Grid Solar Backpack is a type of Coverter Solar BackPack that attracts sunlight and convers it to be used in charging ones devices like laptop, phones. It functions by generating power through solar panels on its front and back when exposed to sunlight. You can get it here on amazon.

6. Solar Power Bank:

Solar Power Banks are eco-friendly and are convenient solutions when there’s no access to traditional power supply. It contains solar panels that stores energy from the sun and then converts if for charging phones, and other electronics.

Advantages of Eco-friendly Technology

  1. Eco-friendly Products are safer.

Unlike some products made out plastics and aluminum which are not degradable and thus causes harm to the earth, eco-friendly products are majorly products of recycling and are relatively harmless to humanity. Eco-friendly tech products helps to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, hereby reducing the effects of climate change and promoting a healthier environment. This means that while giving value, it has no adverse effects.

2. Energy Efficiency.

One of the hallmark of eco-friendly devices is to reduce the energy required to operate. This in turn, decreases our reliance on fossil fuels.

3. Sustainability.

The Eco-friendly tech products tends to last longer and are also easily recycled thereby reducing wastes that causes pollution.


The environment of man contributes to a great amount the quality of his life. This means that the safer the environment, the more efficient and healthy man will be. Eco-friendly tech products are aimed at creating an environment where there is an elimination of electronic-waste while still providing and inventing tools and gadgets for ease of life.

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