Soon, Google Assistant Will Be Able To Detect Your Voice

A thorough examination of the Google app for Android uncovered possible intentions to improve the Google Assistant feature. Those deep dives into the APKs aren’t always accurate, and certain features may be removed in future editions.

Google Assistant ah

In any case, it’s exciting to see Google take yet another significant step in improving its smart assistant experience. If you opt-in for a better Google Assistant experience, the system will save and analyze your own voice to provide more “personalized speech recognition.”

Storing and analyzing one’s voice will increase reaction time and accuracy because the Google Assistant will become accustomed to the user’s voice and often used terms. The assistant will also have access to Google’s servers to gather and analyze summaries of other users’ voice models. The feature will most likely allow for more advanced commands and contact names recognition.

Of course, due to privacy concerns, Google is expected to provide a setting that allows you to opt out of personalized speech recognition if you don’t want your voice to be saved elsewhere.

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