iOS 18: The new Apple Intelligent OS Version?

The ever-developing sphere of mobile devices has brought revolution and remodeling. The new model of iOS 18 inculcates exciting features. The hallmark of the new iOS’s big release provides exciting new ways to customize your phone.

Learn about the new features of the iOS 18 and its unique characteristics that distinguishes it from every other system.

iOS 18 is a new OS version that has evolved over the years to meet the constant ever-changing need of the world and society.

iOS was developed by Apple exclusively for its own smartphones. It was unveiled in January 2007 for the initial and first generation of iPhones, launched in June 2007. Major versions of iOS are released annually. The current stable version, iOS 17, was released to the public on September 18, 2023. The evolution and changes in iOS has been exhibited in its releases starting from the first release of iPhone OS 1 on June 29, 2007 to iOS 18 speculated to be released on September 2024.

New Features and Innovations of iOS 18

iOS 18 makes iPhone more personal, capable, and intelligent than ever by innovations brought to apps used to stay connected. These enhancements were brought to the two major apps in this regards and that is the apps for messages and mail.

  • The Message App

In the words of Ronak Shah, the Director of Internet Technologies Product Marketing, during the WWDC 24, ‘Message is central to how we communicate with the most important people in our lives’.

iOS 18 has made this more expressive with the new feature of ‘tapback’. With tapback, you can express yourself with unlimited emojis. You can now schedule your messages in a timer to send later. Features for text formatting which could be ‘ bold, italicize, underline or strike through has been made available. All these are amazing innovations to make messaging fun.

And if formatting is not enough, a new way is to visually amplify your text effects either to emphasize some major news or to bring your emojis to life.

  • Mail App

Its all about giving you maximum control over your devices. This has been brought to your doorstep by iOS 18. It offers new ways to stay in control and manage increasing email and on-device categorization that organizes your messages and enables you stay up to date across all your accounts.

Interestingly. a new elegant digest view has been created that brings together all the relevant emails you have received from a particular business, to make for easy access and interactions with these messages. For instance, it can bring together all your travel information to Switzerland and you can get it just in one place.

  • Wallet App

The new features of iOS 18 introduces ‘tap to cash’. a quick and private way yo exchange Apple cash without sharing phone numbers or email addresses. With this feature, you can make payments just by holding your phones together.

Finally, more updates on features with iOS 18 includes; a turn by turn voice guidance and ability to create your own links on map app, a more exciting improved feature designated for gamers. And guess what? The gaming mode is coming to iPhone to enable more immersive experience with games by minimizing background activity to sustain the highest frame rates especially during long play sessions.

Privacy and Support

Another key role in customizing the new iOS is keeping you in control of your privacy. The iOS 18 gives you control over who can see your apps, how you share your contacts and even connect to accessories.

  • Control Over Apps

With iOS 18, you don’t have blow up with anxiety when you hand your phone to a friend either to take pictures or play a game, while trying to protect against access to sensitive apps. This is because you can lock the app and any attempt to access will require an access authentication like Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode. However, information from the app wont appear in other places across the system iOS 18 even in form of notifications, search, spotlight suggestions, call history and the rest and thus prevent others from inadvertently seeing sensitive information. You can also hide an app to prevent others from knowing that such an app was installed in your phone. Now tell me, isn’t that terrific!

  • Control Over Information Shared with Apps Starting with Contacts

As it stands currently, if you give an app access to your contacts, it is allowed to learn about all the people you have added over time. In iOS 18, you will be put in control to decide which contacts the apps can see.

  • Control Over Pairing Accessories

While using your device, an app may ask for Bluetooth and local network access but also gain visibility to all the other devices on your network, which includes your computers and network. But through iOS 18, developers has offered a new and intuitive way to pair accessories, that keeps your devices private and makes pairing seamless.

Customization and Capability


Connectivity has been taken to new level by the enhancements of the iOS 18. Whenever you don’t have wi-fi or cellular service, there’s a new way to stay connected. The same technology that was used in Emergency SOS via satellite is now used to bring you messages via satellite!

This means that you can now use satellite capabilities on iPhones to connect to satellite 100 miles above the earth to text your friends and loved ones even if you are off the grid. And guess what, its all right from the messages app!

Once connected, you will be able to use key imessage features like sending and receiving, emoji and tapbacks. iMessage is built to protect your privacy, as all messages sent over satellite are end-to-end encrypted.


iOS 18, is a big release that brings deeper customization to iPhone by creating new ways to stay connected in messages and mail. It also brings enhancements to privacy, and indeed has advanced the biggest photos redesign ever. And even more, it increases messaging support and renders integration in calendar.

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