HMD Slate Tab 5G, What To Expect and Specifications

HMD Global which is the company that is currently managing the Nokia brand in the Smartphone market is now venturing into the tablet market with the help of the HMD Slate Tab 5G

HMD Slate Tab 5G

According to a leaker Indeed, HMD is one of the most outstanding devices that use top-notch technologies combined with a non-existing design that is perfect for work and home.This article aims to inform the reader about the HMD Slate Tab 5G: its primary features, its parameters, and why one may want it.

Here we provide a list of features of HMD Slate Tab 5G including detailed specifications to give full info for those interested in this device.

Detailed Specifications of HMD Slate Tab 5G

There is no official information about the full specifications of the HMD Slate Tab 5G, however, many leaks give a detailed overview of the device. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the rumored device,


  • Display Size: 10. 6 inches
  • Display Technology: IPS LCD
  • Resolution: It comes with a screen display resolution of 2,000 x 1,200 pixels which is larger than Full High Definition screen size (FHDP).
  • Refresh Rate : 90HzAspect Ratio: 16:10

Other Features: – multi-touch, wide color gamut, high brightness, protected with Corning Gorilla Glass

Processor & Performance:

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 SoC
  • CPU Cores: Kryo 465 (architecture and core count unknown)
  • GPU: Adreno 618

Memory & Storage:

  • RAM: 6 GB / 8 GB
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB / 256 GB
  • Expandable Storage: MicroSD card support up to 1 TB

Operating System:

  • OS: Android 13 with HMD’s custom UI
  • Update Policy: Regular security and feature updates


  • Cellular Network: 5G (specific bands yet to be confirmed)
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 6E (supporting faster speeds and improved network efficiency)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2

Other: USB-C port, 3.5mm headphone jack


  • Rear Camera (rumored): 13MP sensor (details on additional lenses or functionalities unknown)
  • Front Camera (rumored): 8MP sensor (details unknown)

Battery & Charging:

  • Battery Capacity: 9,250mAh
  • Fast Charging: 30W (supported technology like Quick Charge or Power Delivery unknown)

Dimensions & Weight (unofficial):These details are not yet available in leaks.

Key Features of HMD Slate Tab 5G

The HMD Slate Tab 5G, while not officially released yet, has generated buzz with its leaked specifications.

  1. 5G Connectivity: It means that when on the go one can access the internet at very high speeds for such activities as:
  • Watching videos at high quality with no interruptions, and pausing or rewinding the broadcasting content.
  • Using a P2P client to transfer files of all types, but especially large ones at high speeds.
  • Sustaining a focused workflow for business applications that are hosted on the cloud and demand premium connectivity.

2. Mid-Range Performance: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 SoC which is rumoured to be available on this phone, 8GB of RAM will ensure good working for day to day operations like browsing, social media and streaming. It should be able to cater to just about all of the user’s demands without the processor seeming to work too hard.

Long-Lasting Battery:

With a rumored 9,250mAh battery and support for 30W fast charging, the Slate Tab 5G is built for extended use. This makes it ideal for:

  • Students attending long lectures or taking notes on the go.
  • Professionals traveling for work and needing reliable power for presentations or document editing.
  • Casual users who enjoy watching movies or playing games on their tablets without battery anxiety.

Stock Android 14 Experience:

The Slate Tab 5G is likely to boot on Android 14 OS, and its user interface will not be loaded with unnecessary apps that are usually preloaded on most devices.

Other Notable Features (Based on Leaks):

  • Large 10. 6-inch Display: A good size for work, gaming, and Movies/multimedia in general.
  • MicroSD Card Expandability: Extra storage plans that are available for customers who require extra space to store images, movies, or applications.
  • 3. 5mm Headphone Jack: An advantage for wired headphones lovers as opposed to the wireless type of headphones.

Performance and Benchmarking of HMD Slate Tab 5G

Since the HMD Slate Tab 5G is yet to be officially released, there are no available performance or benchmarking reviews to analyze. However, based on the leaked specifications, we can make some reasonable, educative predictions about its capabilities:

  • Processor: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 SoC serves as a mid-tier processor designed for regular usage including internet use, social media, and streaming media. Not the highest class of a processor, but quite suitable to cope with user requests without crash tests.
  • RAM: It is more than enough for mid-range multitasking supported by frequent swapping between applications in a tablet.
  • Storage: 128GB storage seems pretty reasonable to store app, photos, and videos that the owners of iPad Air 2 regularly use.

However, without official benchmarks, it’s impossible to compare the HMD Slate Tab 5G’s raw performance to other tab.

Design and Build Quality of HMD Slate Tab 5G

According to leaks the rumored flat-back design evokes the classic Nokia Lumia phones, potentially appealing to those who appreciate the old-school aesthetics. It also suggest a large 10.6-inch display with slim bezels, offering a contemporary look and a good viewing experience.

However, Since the tablet hasn’t been officially unveiled, details about the materials used in its construction remain unknown.

Display and Screen Quality of HMD Slate Tab 5G

According to leaks its display size of 10.6 inches is a good size for a tablet, offering ample screen real estate for work, entertainment, and multimedia consumption.

The display of the Supra is an IPS LCD, an LCD technology utilized in mid-tier gadgets; it exhibits good viewing angles, acceptable colors, and brightness. But they might not produce the same degree of contrast or level of blacks as OLED displays implemented in advanced tablets.

It also makes estimates towards having a rumored resolution of 2,000 x 1,200 pixels (FHD+) – Full HD plus on this is sufficiently sharp enough for most users. They will be clear and sharp, this makes it great for word processing, browsing the internet, or even watching films and television programmes.

Leaks also suggest that the HMD Slate Tab 5G might have possible 90Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate can offer smoother scrolling and animations, especially noticeable in games or fast-paced content. However, confirmation of this feature awaits official details.

Camera Performance of HMD Slate Tab 5G

Although not certain, details about the camera system on the HMD Slate Tab 5G are scarce. But leaks suggests

  • Rear Camera: A possible 13MP sensor, but there are yet to be specifics about additional lenses, autofocus, or aperture.
  • Front Camera: An 8MP sensor, but details like resolution or functionalities are unavailable.

Given the mid-range positioning of the Slate Tab 5G, we can expect a basic camera system. It will likely be suitable for casual photography or video calls, but it definitely won’t compete with high-end tablets or smartphones in terms of image quality.

Battery Life and Charging Speed of HMD Slate Tab 5G

According to rumors, the HMD Slate Tab 5G boasts a 9,250mAh battery capacity, which hints at a long lasting battery.

A 9,250mAh battery is quite a generous capacity for a mid-range tablet. This means that the Slate Tab 5G could potentially offer all-day battery life for tasks like:

  • Browsing the web and social media.
  • Streaming movies or shows.
  • Working on documents or presentations.
  • Casual gaming.

Fast Charging Support: The rumored 30W fast charging technology is another positive factor. With its rumored fast charging feature, users can quickly top up the battery when needed, reducing downtime and anxiety about running out of power.

Software and User Interface of HMD Slate Tab 5G

Leaks suggest the HMD Slate Tab 5G will run on stock Android 14, the latest version of the Android operating system at the time of the leaks. Here’s what this means for users:

  • A Clean and Bloatware-Free Experience: Stock Android is famous for its optimization and not having bloatwares – applications preloaded on manufactured devices. This not only leads to a more efficient and optimized model but also facilitates a more unified user experience.
  • Access to Latest Features: For one, it offers the most up-to-date Android version and therefore all the latest features and functions Google has to offer.
  • Security Updates: Stock Android is generally good when it comes to acquiring frequent security patches from Google, which is much beneficial while safeguarding your tool and information.

Customization Options (Unknown):

It’s unclear if HMD will add any custom user interface elements on top of stock Android. Some manufacturers add their own launcher or features, but this hasn’t been revealed yet. Connectivity Options in HMD Slate Tab 5G

According to leaks, it suggests the HMD Slate Tab 5G will be well-equipped for connectivity needs: this means that there will be,

5G Network Support: This allows for fast internet speeds when connected to a compatible 5G network. Benefits include:

  • Downloading large files quickly.
  • Seamless streaming of high-resolution content.
  • Enhanced responsiveness in cloud-based applications.

Wi-Fi 6E: This next-generation Wi-Fi standard offers faster speeds, improved network efficiency, and reduced congestion compared to older Wi-Fi versions.

Bluetooth 5.2: This provides a reliable connection for wireless headphones, speakers, and other peripherals.

Leaks suggest a USB-C port for charging and data transfer, and possibly a 3.5mm headphone jack, a welcome feature for users who prefer wired headphones.

Comparison: HMD Slate Tab 5G vs. Competitors

FeatureHMD Slate Tab 5G (Rumored)Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Lenovo Tab M10Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (3rd Gen)
Display Size10.6 inches10.5 inches10.3 inches
Display TechnologyIPS LCDIPS LCD
Refresh Rate (Unconfirmed)90Hz (possible)60Hz60Hz
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2Unisoc Tiger T618MediaTek Kompanio 500T
Storage ExpansionMicroSD cardMicroSD cardMicroSD card
Operating SystemAndroid 14Android 11Android 12
Rear Camera13MP (rumored)8MP8MP
Front Camera8MP (rumored)5MP5MP
Battery Capacity9,250mAh7,040mAh7,700mAh
Charging Speed30W (rumored)15W18W
Cellular Network5G (bands unknown)Wi-Fi onlyWi-Fi only
BluetoothBluetooth 5.2Bluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.1
Special FeaturesFamiliar design (rumored), 3.5mm headphone jack (rumored)

First Impressions and Hands-On Review of HMD Slate Tab 5G

Unfortunately, since the HMD Slate Tab 5G is not yet available, a first-hand review or hands-on experience is impossible. We’ll need to wait for the official release and subsequent reviews before getting a feel for the design, build quality, and user experience.

Price and Availability of HMD Slate Tab 5G

This is yet to be determined. HMD has yet to announce the official pricing and availability of the Slate Tab 5G. This information is important for understanding how the tablet will compete in the market.

Pros and Cons of HMD Slate Tab 5G


  • 5G connectivity: For users who prioritize fast internet speeds.
  • Large display: Suitable for work, entertainment, and multimedia consumption.
  • Long-lasting battery : A 9,250mAh battery promises extended use.
  • Stock Android experience: Clean and bloatware-free interface.
  • Familiar design: Might appeal to fans of classic Nokia phones.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack : A welcome feature for wired headphone users.


  • Uncertainties about build quality: details are unknown.
  • Camera system (uncertain): awaiting reviews for confirmation.
  • Missing benchmark scores: Performance comparisons with competitors are difficult.
  • Price and availability (unknown): These factors will determine its value proposition.

My Verdict

The HMD Slate Tab 5G appears to be a promising mid-range contender with 5G connectivity as its key highlight. However, a my final verdict awaits official release, and detailed reviews.

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