Galaxy Bud3 Pro Revealed: The Upacked Event

Samsung revealed the Galaxy Bud3 pro on July 10th 2024. At the unpacked events today the South Korean tech Giants launched a bunch of products and among them is the Galaxy Bud3 pro. 

At the unpack events today Samsung also introduced Galaxy AI which is also incorporated into its wireless earbuds to help it enhance users experience.

What can Galaxy AI do on Galaxy Bud3 pro

  1. Quality sound: With the Galaxy AI your listening experience is as unique as possible. The Galaxy Bud3 Pro monitors the fit of your ear and sound for best performance. It filters out disruptive sounds for a seamless listening experience. Galaxy Bud3 Pro comes with an enhanced two way AMP speaker, 96 Hkz for a studio quality listening experience.
  1. Real Time language translation: As impossible as it may sound, the Galaxy AI has made real-time translation possible in your earbuds. You can listen to what your caller is saying in their own language on your Galaxy Bud3 pro in your language. To access this feature: while the Galaxy buds 3 pro is in your ear, open the interpreter on your Galaxy Z fold 6 or Galaxy Z flip 6 and select listening mode. There you have it real time translation right in your earbuds.
  1. Reconstruct your voice for better voice Calls: With its ultimate HiFi audio and build, the Galaxy Bud3 Pro mics captures your voice in a better way offering better voice quality on calls. For better experience, ensure you are not speaking too softly or in a noisy background as it might be able to record beats of what you’re saying.

Price of Galaxy Bud3 Pro

The Galaxy Bud3 Pro is priced at $249 a little higher than Galaxy Bud3.

Features of Galaxy Bud3 Pro

  • Quality improved Audio
  • Features two drivers: a 10.5 mm dynamic driver and a 6.1mm planar driver.
  • Led lights strips called “Blade light” to display battery level.
  • 6 Microphone an IP57 for dust and water resistance.
  • New audio codec called Samsung Seamless Codec Ultra High Quality (SSC UHQ).
  • 24-bit 96 KHz audio transmission.
  • Siren detect and voice detect features.
  • Use super wide band (SW) call to record audio in a wider bandwidth of around 16 KHz.
  • Bluetooth 5.4
  • Bluetooth L E audio with LC3 Codec and Auracast.
  • Improved gestures.
  • USB Type C charging port and Q1 wireless charging.
  • Battery life: 6 hours with ANC turned on and 7 hours with ANC turned off. Total battery life of 30 hours.

When will it be released?

According to the “Unpacked event” Samsung is set to release its products on 24th July, 2024. 


The Galaxy Bud3 Pro is a game changer as it’s incorporated with Galaxy AI to enhance users’ experience.

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