How to Automatically Free up Storage Using Storage Sense in Windows 11

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It is advised that your PC have as much storage capacity as it can. A nearly full disk can result in unpredictable slowdowns and other problems. Whether you use your PC for work, entertainment, or video gaming, it is horrible. Even if your storage capacity is adequate, you might still need to delete data to make room.

This tutorial will show you how to use Windows 11’s Storage Sense to automatically find and eliminate unnecessary files.

Storage Sense khk

Step 1: Go to Start and click on the little cogwheel that can be seen in the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Inside Settings, head to System > Storage.

Step 3: then look for the option that says Storage Sense. Click on the toggle beside it to enable it.

Step 4: Once enabled, click on the little arrow on the right-most side to configure Storage Sense.

Step 5: Now, look for the Automatic User Content Cleanup toggle and turn it on so it can do the cleanup whenever you are running out of storage.

Step 6: Click on the little drop-down menus found under Configure cleanup schedules to select how frequently you want it to run, how old the items in the recycle bin should get before they’re automatically deleted, and so on.

That’s pretty much it. Once enabled, you can also click on the Run Storage Sense Now button to force the cleanup process if you’re running out of storage or your system feels slow.

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