6 Ways To Launch Windows Terminal In Windows 11

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Your Windows computer comes with a fantastic utility called Windows Terminal. If you need to launch Windows Terminal on Windows 11 for whatever reason, you will discover that there are multiple ways to do it. Windows Terminal cannot be launched via a desktop shortcut because it doesn’t come with a desktop icon by default. Here are the six methods for starting Windows Terminal on a computer.

1) Use Start Menu

Using the Start Menu search is one technique to start Windows Terminal. Enter “terminal” into the search box in the Start Menu by selecting it and clicking Enter. Simply choose “Run as Administrator” from the right-click menu to start the Windows Terminal as an administrator.

2) Use Run Command

Another option is to use the Run command to launch Windows Terminal on your computer. To do that, open the Run window by pressing Windows Key + R on your keyboard, then type “wt” into it. To launch Windows Terminal, hit Enter. Alternatively, you can start the Windows Terminal with administrative rights by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + Enter rather than just Enter.


3) Use Task Manager

By pressing the Task Manager keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + Esc, you can also utilize the Task Manager to launch the Windows Terminal. Choose “Run a new task” under “File” in the top menu bar. To launch Windows Terminal, enter the character “wt” and hit Enter.

4) Use the Power User Menu

You can access the majority of the necessary tools on your Windows PC, including Windows Terminal, by using the Power User Menu, which is one of the finest ways to start Windows Terminal. Select Windows Terminal or Windows Terminal by performing a right-click on the Start button or by pressing the Windows key and X shortcuts (Admin).

You can start Windows Terminal by using the I key while the Power User menu is active, or you can start Windows Terminal as an administrator by pressing the “a” key.

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5) Use Windows Explorer

Another option to launch Windows Terminal on your computer is through Windows File Explorer. Start Windows Explorer by using the desktop shortcut or the keyboard combination Windows Key + E. Now type “wt” into the address field and hit Enter.

6) Use Right-Click Menu

The right-click menu in File Explorer is your final option. Right-click on any folder and choose “Open in Terminal” from the context menu. You may easily access the Windows 11 Terminal from there.

There are many things you can do with Windows 11. Here are some helpful tips and tricks for you.

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