Netflix: Here’s How Much You Will Pay To Share Your Account In 2023

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Users of Netflix have had free access to sharing their accounts with others for a while. But in 2023, that will probably alter. The price you’ll have to pay is already known to us.

Although it has always been very accommodating in this area, Netflix has never hidden its desire to end account sharing. The world’s largest provider of video streaming just made known that using a friend’s account would incur fees. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, this legislation will take effect the next year.

If you wish to use your account somewhere other than your primary residence, you will soon have to pay. Netflix asserts that the current arrangement can no longer be maintained because “the broad sharing of accounts between families that takes place presently harms our long-term ability to invest in and grow our service.”

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Netflix: you should pay a supplement for sharing your account

In several countries in Latin America, Netflix has experimented with a $3 add-on price for password sharing. In these countries, anyone seeking to access the account from a location other than the home must first get a verification code from the primary account holder. Until a monthly charge is paid to invite guests to the house, Netflix will keep asking for the code. As a result, the price rise in other nations may be roughly equal, perhaps costing between $3 and $4 for each additional user.

According to the WSJ, Netflix has contemplated including sponsored content into its repertoire. It would induce clients to conceal their credentials for fear that someone else may increase their prices. However, those in the know assert that the business dropped this strategy. with the purpose of preserving an easy-to-use user experience.

Instead than letting customers share a single plan, Netflix encourages that each member buy their own subscription. The biggest streaming service in the world has introduced a new, more affordable alternative to achieve this for only $6.99 per month.

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