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YouTube Testing “Add To Queue” On Android And iOS For Premium Users

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The “add to queue” feature on YouTube is now available to Premium users on Android and iOS. The function has been accessible on both the desktop and smart TV versions of the YouTube app. According to YouTube, the “add to queue” feature will continue to be tested through January 28 before going live a few days later.

Users of YouTube Premium on mobile devices must visit the settings page and select the “Try new features” tab. Following a reload of the YouTube app, you should be able to start adding videos to your queue using the three dots menu that can be found beneath each video.

Add to queue on YouTube Premium for Android

With the flexibility to add any video you like to a list, the new queue option will function exactly like the TV and web versions. Users will be able to remove clips and change the sequence of the clips using a drop-down menu in addition to being able to watch videos in order as they are played one after another. Additionally, the queue bar provides a delete option that eliminates all grouped videos.

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