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YouTube Music Casting UI To Get Live Lyrics

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YouTube has already made suggestions on changing the YouTube Cast’s user interface. Some customers have already begun to notice a different UI after casting to a Chromecast Ultra as of the time this article was written. One Reddit user has already confirmed that when they cast YouTube Music from an Android phone to a Chromecast Ultra, they see a redesigned user interface.

YouTube Music Cast Has Been Redesigned

The album cover image, song title, and artist name could all be seen in the old user interface (UX) at the top of the screen. A live scrolling lyric of the currently playing song is included in the redesign. The lyrics are also accompanied with a hazy image of the artwork. The album cover image, song title, and name of the artist are now located on the right side of the display.

You see the previous, centered UI when the song’s lyrics aren’t available. A list of the credited songwriters is also provided after each song.

The YouTube Music Cast Is Now Rolling Out

Live lyrics are not frequently available when casting YouTube Music because they are a new feature in the service. Following their collaboration with MusixMatch, YouTube Music informed viewers to anticipate even more lyric features in the future.

Google claims that after introducing the function, the rate at which users consume lyrics has increased. This will be a really helpful feature on the Google Nest Hub and other Smart Displays in terms of ecosystem. Spotify has the same lyrics backend feature, which they started using this year, as handy as it is.

Compared to what we have in YouTube Music, this feature works better on Spotify and Apple Music. As the music plays, the lyrics are highlighted word by word on Spotify and Apple. However, the lyrics are not highlighted in the YouTube version. The only thing you can make out on the screen are the lyrics.

There is no indication that this feature will be added to the mobile YouTube Music app. Hopefully, YouTube will take this into consideration soon and enhance the live lyrics. similar to what is available on Apple and Spotify.

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