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YouTube Might Start Streaming TV Channels Soon

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The first streaming platform for video material was YouTube. Therefore, it will make every effort to remain afloat and maintain its top positions in numerous categories. You could believe that Netflix and other streaming providers have already won the game. But according to The Wall Street Journal, it is in discussions with a number of media companies to bring TV series, movies, and entire TV channels on its platform. It makes sense that the platform will be sponsored by ads. More intriguingly, it is currently testing the concept. If everything goes according to plan, we could witness it live as early as this year.

The New YouTube Service Is Already In Tests

The niche is called Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television, by the way (FAST). YouTube will thus join the crowded industry as a new entrant if it decides it is worthwhile to enter this niche. For instance, there are industry titans like Pluto TV, Fox’s Tubi, and Roku. The owner of the latter is Paramount Global.

As previously stated, a small sample of users are being used by YouTube to test the new service. A spokeswoman stated, “We’re continually exploring innovative approaches to give viewers a central location to more quickly find, watch, and share the material that means most to them. Together with Lionsgate, A+E Networks, and FilmRise, YouTube launched the test.

For those who are not aware, YouTube already has movies with advertisements. The next natural step for the industry leader in streaming video content is to start streaming TV channels.

Indeed, a sizable number of people utilize YouTube. Additionally, it has the highest percentage of TV viewing time among US streaming providers. Thus, YouTube will have every opportunity to outperform its competitors once the service is live.

If the test is successful, according to Tech Mansion, YouTube can ask for a 45% part of the advertising earnings. This is how the business interacts with content producers.

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