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YouTube Is Going To Take Away One Of The Best Features It Has

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Google intends to use all available means to persuade consumers to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Depriving free consumers of 4K content is one such measure.

At least 50 million people used YouTube Premium and Music in 2017, but Google wasn’t satisfied. In an effort to get more users to subscribe to its subscription service, the American behemoth may opt to restrict access to a key element of the site for free users.

In fact, as some Reddit users have already learned, the firm now plans to charge for access to 4K quality films on its platform. However, premium customers may soon only be able to access the highest definitions. It has always been free to choose from any of the definitions listed under videos on YouTube.

Google appears to be successfully testing the restriction with a number of users, according to a snapshot from the site. Users of YouTube’s free version will see “Premium, tap to upgrade” below the videos in addition to the 2160p resolution.


YouTube: watching videos in 4K will soon become paid

Of course, 8K videos would also fall under this, as they have been readily available on YouTube for some time. It doesn’t seem too troubling that a mobile device can play videos of this quality. However, doing it while watching TV or a computer is not.

If you enjoy watching YouTube on your 4K TV, you must now sign up for the Premium subscription in order to play videos at a quality greater than 1440p. The choice is somewhat surprising given that YouTube has long made high-resolution content available for free.

Keep in mind that the current monthly cost of YouTube Premium is $11.99. Google’s supporters are excited to learn more about YouTube and are looking forward to a declaration from the company concerning Stadia’s future, particularly the controller. Considering that the controller now only works when connected through a cable. To be used with other platforms, they actually want Google to make it Bluetooth-compatible.

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