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YouTube Introducing Unique Channel Handles

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In order to facilitate connections between viewers and channel creators, YouTube recently announced the introduction of channel handles. These are given to each profile individually and are comparable to Instagram’s handles. Since the feature will be implemented in stages, it can take some time before everyone has the opportunity to select their own handle.

The handles will make it simpler to tag people in comments, videos, and YouTube clips than the previously introduced custom channel URLs. Having a handle also makes you more recognizable in the community. The handles are distinct, in contrast to channel names.


Each creator will be given the opportunity to select their own “@handle” after being notified through email that the moment has come. Those who haven’t chosen a handle by November 14 will have one automatically generated for them based on the name of the channel. After that, it can still be altered, of course.

Along with the handles. Now that all channels are eligible to choose a URL on YouTube, the prerequisite of having at least 100 subscribers is no longer applicable.

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