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You Might Be Detained at Airport Security If You Use the Nothing Launcher

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Last week, Nothing gave the public a sneak peak at what to anticipate from the Nothing Phone (1) by releasing the Nothing Launcher Beta on the Google Play Store.

Despite the hype surrounding the launcher, the product has gotten only mixed reviews on the Google Play Store. But the most worrying aspect of the Nothing Launcher is that its accompanying ringtones might theoretically have you detained at airport security, as shown below.


Apart from altering icon packs and the home screen, the Nothing Launcher also changes your desktop backdrop, alarms, ringtones, and notification sounds when you download it.

Despite the fact that the offered launcher backgrounds (Hand.png and Face.png) appear frightening, they will not get you in trouble in public places. The ringtones and notification sounds are the source of the problem.

We’ve prepared a Dropbox link below if you’d want to try out the Nothing Launcher’s ringtones and notification sound effects for yourself.

HERE is a link to the Nothing Launcher Ringtone and Notification Sound Effect on Dropbox.

Let’s start with the “Nothing ing 1.ogg” ringtone. When you receive an incoming call, the ringtone is an 11-second audio clip that plays on repeat. If you had a more innocent mind, the audio clip might have sounded like a woodpecker pecking on tree bark.

However, airport security may not think so, since the ringtone playing at maximum power matches the soundwave frequencies of four muted successive assault rifle bullets, leading to fear at the airport while, in fact, you were receiving an incoming call.

The worst-case scenario is that security discovers you were the mastermind behind the panic, and you are jailed at the airport for perpetrating a large-scale hoax that led the national security defense force to believe there was a terrorist assault.


The notification sound, dubbed “Nothing notification 1.ogg,” is a condensed version of the ringtone, with only one shot instead of four. It would be as if you had a rifle in your pocket if you received many notification sounds at full volume at the same time.

Because the Nothing Launcher is still in beta, Nothing should use user feedback to improve the Nothing software experience before it is officially placed on Nothing’s first-ever smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1).

The Nothing Phone (1) will be released in the summer of 2022. Stay tuned to Tech Mansion for more information on Chinese tech businesses.

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