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Xiaomi phones with unlocked bootloader won’t get HyperOS updates

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Xiaomi introduces stricter policies for devices with unlocked bootloaders, particularly those running the new Android skin, HyperOS. In a recent statement, Xiaomi declared that devices with unlocked bootloaders, regardless of the operating system (HyperOS or MIUI 14), will not receive updates. The company cites security concerns as the primary reason for these measures.

Key Points:

  • Introduction of HyperOS: With the launch of the Xiaomi 14 series, HyperOS replaces the traditional MIUI as the Android skin overlay. However, this change comes with notable restrictions for users with unlocked bootloaders.
  • No Updates for Unlocked Bootloaders: Xiaomi makes it clear that devices with unlocked bootloaders will not receive updates, emphasizing that this applies to both HyperOS and MIUI 14.
  • Increased Difficulty for HyperOS Unlocking: Unlocking HyperOS devices will be more challenging, requiring users to gain a level 5 status on the community forums, in addition to the standard one-week waiting period.
  • Limit on Device Unlocks: Xiaomi introduces a new limit, allowing only three device unlocks per year. This limitation is currently specific to China, but there is potential for its extension to other markets.
  • Security Concerns: Xiaomi mentions security concerns as the primary motivation behind these stringent measures, aiming to safeguard users’ devices.

Users seeking updates for their Xiaomi devices are encouraged to maintain locked bootloaders. Xiaomi also notes that reverting to a locked bootloader will immediately make users eligible for the next HyperOS update.

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