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Windows 11 Now Offers Better Control of What’s Running on Your PC

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Microsoft will add several new features to Windows Task Manager. The Redmond firm intends to include a search feature that will allow you to sort through the active processes.

Windows 11’s task manager is still in development. In an effort to improve the tool, Microsoft has added a number of new capabilities to the most recent version of the operating system that was made available through the beta channel. The first option is simply a filter for the current list of processes.


Windows 11: Enter a process’ name to quickly find it

This option appears as a search field at the top of the Task Manager window. By entering the name of a program or process, you can quickly search through the numerous processes running on your computer.

The methodology of this search field allows for the presentation of all instances relating to the term. If it can be used from the processes tab, the filter settings will be applied to the task manager’s other pages (or tabs). You will be able to more easily monitor a specific process and determine the impact it may have on your PC’s performance on its own.

A few months ago, Microsoft added the option to activate a dark theme for its task manager. However, because this theme only applied to the task manager’s main window and did not include dialog boxes. This theme’s display management has not been managed optimally up to this point. This behavior must be changed immediately. First, Microsoft will add a new setting to Task Manager that will allow you to select any theme other than the Windows default theme.

All newly generated dialogs now support the dark theme of the Task Manager, with the exception of two. The Create a new task and Properties dialogs won’t have it available. Microsoft improves Efficiency Mode management in the end. with the “Do not ask me again” selection added. Soon, you won’t need to open the confirmation dialog to activate or deactivate it.

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