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WhatsApp Unveils Communities Feature, Increases Group Limit To 1,024 Members

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Communities, a new feature, is now available to WhatsApp users. This is a method of setting up many group chats such that each group’s conversation stays on the topic yet users may quickly switch between them.

Create a community for your area, for instance, and then divide the discussion into separate groups — one for planning group events, one for allocating duties, and so on. Additionally, each Community includes an announcement group where moderators can post important updates.

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Additionally beginning today, WhatsApp is implementing updates that will enhance the value of Communities as well as standard group chats. The maximum number of participants in a group has been increased to 1,024 as promised (up from 512). The maximum number of video call participants is 32 people.

In-chat polls are another new feature that will be useful because they allow a community or group to vote on a subject without using outside services. Community groups on WhatsApp are also end-to-end encrypted like normal chats.

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When you download the most recent version of WhatsApp, a new Communities tab will appear (on top of the screen on Android, bottom on iOS).

To make sure the new interface meets their needs, the Communities feature was created with input from 50 organizations in 15 different countries. You can also provide feedback because the WhatsApp team has pledged to keep improving it and incorporating new features “in the coming months.”

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