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WhatsApp Now Officially Supports Cross-Platform Chat Transfers Between iOS And Android

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WhatsApp had been testing the entire functionality of syncing chat histories between Android and iOS, and today it made it official. To date, only a few third-party data transfer technologies have been able to move conversation histories between ecosystems; however, these tools are typically expensive and difficult to use.

You’ll need to utilize the Move to iOS tool on Android to accomplish this, as only the Android to iPhone option is available on WhatsApp’s help website as of the time of this writing. On both the transmitting and receiving devices, WhatsApp must be updated to the most recent version. Additionally, you must keep your current phone number or switch it before transferring. Also required is a fresh or factory-reset iPhone for the recipient.


WhatsApp has collaborated with Apple to piggyback its Move to iOS software in order to successfully transfer WhatsApp data to an iOS device based on the instructions provided. You can move your account information, profile photo, individual and group chats, chat history, chat media, and WhatsApp settings, according to the support page. Peer-to-peer payment messages and WhatsApp call history cannot be transferred.

A long-standing annoyance for consumers transferring between ecosystems is the inability to bring their WhatsApp conversations with them. WhatsApp can only be used with a single phone number and with a single smartphone device, in contrast to numerous messaging programs that simply let you view messages and chats from any device. The ability for linked devices to view, send, and receive messages when the host device is offline was only recently made possible by WhatsApp.

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