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WhatsApp Is Adding New Features to Make Voice Messages More Interactive

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WhatsApp’s platform is continually being added to and updated in order to improve the user experience of its vast user base. And now, with the most recent update, it appears like the focus is on making audio messages more engaging.

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The popular messaging platform, which is owned by Meta, is now experimenting with new features such as message reactions, polling, and multi-device compatibility. But the new features don’t stop there; the company is working on adding more to further improve voice interactions. Updates such as draft preview, the option to pause and continue recording, out-of-chat playback, resuming playback, and even waveform visualization will help to improve the experience.

Since 2013, WhatsApp users have been able to send voice messages. Despite the fact that voice messaging isn’t the platform’s primary focus, the company claims that 7 billion voice messages are delivered every day. As a result, it’s evident that this is a popular feature of the program, and it’s not surprising that the firm would want to develop it even more. Out of Chat Playback is one of the forthcoming capabilities that allows users to listen to audio messages even if they are not in the original chat. This is a much-requested feature that improves the quality of life.


Users will also be able to pause and resume recordings in the near future. Another new feature is the Draft preview option, which allows users to listen to their voice messages before sending them. Finally, Waveform Visualization provides a visual depiction of the voice message’s sound. In a few weeks, all of these features should be available on the live build.

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