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WhatsApp can finally run on two smartphones at once

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Developers from the WABetaInfo resource discovered a mention of a feature that will allow users to interact with one account on many mobile devices in the WhatsApp beta version.

According to a screenshot obtained from the WhatsApp beta version, a new feature called “Register device as a companion” is being developed in the section “Associated devices.” This means that one of the phones associated with the user account will be the primary phone, while the others will serve as “companions.” You’ll need to open an app on the second device, display a QR code on the screen, then scan it from the main device to connect it as a companion. Messages on devices will then be synced, even if end-to-end encryption is used.

Connecting devices to WhatsApp accounts is already possible, but only PCs may function as them, and the primary device must be an iOS or Android smartphone. The possibility to connect smartphones or tablets was discovered in the WhatsApp beta version for Android; however, it is unclear whether a similar functionality will be accessible for iOS. The service’s owner, Meta, remained silent on the topic.

The creators of the popular WhatsApp messenger have started distributing a new feature to users. We’re talking about one of the advancements that was unveiled last week, among other things. There were rumours at the announcement that features might be released in the coming weeks. One of them, an expanded number of participants in an audio call, has now emerged in the stable version of the WhatsApp mobile programme.

Users can now make audio calls in groups of up to 32 people, which is a fourfold increase over the previous maximum. Making audio calls has also become easier than chatting, according to the developers, thanks to the new UI. WhatsApp does this by altering the way call participants appear on the screen.

WhatsApp is also rumoured to be working on a new business plan that will provide subscribers with a slew of new features. One will support up to ten linked devices per account, more than doubling the current limit and allowing more personnel in the company to communicate with clients through the same official contact.

There’s a chance that this next subscription will contain additional features beyond the current 10 device limit, but no information on that yet. Later, more WhatsApp Business capabilities for Android and iOS will be released.

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