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WhatsApp Brings A Very Important Feature That Can Save You A Lot

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Prior to now, WhatsApp had the choice of deleting a message for everyone or only for you. However, the latter does not provide protection against handling errors, which might occasionally have disastrous results. The new “Accidental Deletion” feature gives the app an additional layer of security.

Everyone goes through it. You sent someone a WhatsApp message that you afterwards regretted sending, or maybe you even sent it to the wrong person. The messaging service gives you access to a “Delete for everyone” option in these situations. You can use this technique to remove a message after it has been received. Despite being quite helpful, it does not assist in handling errors.

WhatsApp brings a useful new feature that will save you from very embarrassing situations

If you unintentionally selected “Delete for me” as opposed to “Delete for everyone” in the past. It was unable to delete the message for everyone since your correspondent may still see it. Despite the fact that it was cut off from your talk. You won’t experience this sort of issue thanks to a new feature added to WhatsApp. If you accidentally delete a message, you now have a five second window to restore it. Whether it was intended for everyone to reconsider and correct the error, or just you.

The “Delete for everyone” function was accessible in 2017. Users begged for it to assist them in reversing communications or conversations they accidentally transmitted to the wrong groups. Up until this summer, you had exactly 7 minutes to delete a message. As of August 2022, this duration has been extended to 60 hours.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has already rolled out the option to undo an accidental deletion across its mobile and desktop applications. We are familiar with all of its characteristics because a beta test phase has been ongoing since August 2022. The capability for removal is now finished. These types of mistakes are now acceptable on WhatsApp.

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