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This Android Smartphone Got 7 Years Of Updates

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Even though they are still more than capable of operating the latest versions of Android, most Android smartphone manufacturers often stop supporting their handsets after two to three years, leaving them without system upgrades or security patches. As a result, we find it interesting to hear that certain companies update their goods over a much longer period of time.

This is true of Fairphone, a company that specializes in producing robust, simple-to-repair mobile phones. The Amsterdam-based business stated that one of its earliest cell phones will stop receiving upgrades starting in March after seven years of unbroken maintenance.

Fairphone 2 will get the last update in March

The Fairphone 2 will soon receive the Android 10 upgrade, as we previously stated. a phone introduced on the market in 2015 and running Android 5 Lollipop at the time.

Consequently, following seven years of service and five important system changes. In March 2023, the device’s support lifetime will be coming to an end.

After an unprecedented seven years of supporting our beloved Fairphone 2, we will finally stop providing software support for Fairphone 2. After March 2023, we will no longer deliver software updates for Fairphone 2.

According to the brand, the Fairphone 2 was initially anticipated to have a three- to five-year support term. The smartphone will stop receiving updates to Android and security patches in March, but Fairphone allowed them to extend this time frame to seven years.

According to Fairphone, using the gadget moving forward could not be secure. because there may be bugs for which there is no fix. Some applications may also stop functioning.

They also warn that there might not be enough parts for the device in stock at their store. and recommend switching to alternate operating systems like LineageOS or /e/OS. If you wish to continue using the Fairphone 2 without having security issues.

On the other hand, the Fairphone Reuse and Recycling Program provides the choice to recycle the Fairphone 2. Everyone who does so by March 31, 2023 will receive a 50 euro ticket redeemable in the brand’s official online store.

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