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Samsung To Make All Entry-Level Models Support 5G Network

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Numerous mobile phones already support the 5G network following its commercialization back in 2019. 5G was initially only available in the most expensive smartphones. But as the months went by, more mid-range cell phones started to support the 5G network. However, not many budget smartphones can claim to handle the 5G network. All of this will change before the end of the year because even the most prestigious manufacturers are planning to produce a number of budget-friendly mobile phones. According to rumors, Samsung intends to give its entry-level handsets 5G support.

More nations and regions have embraced 5G networks in the last 12 months. Samsung has started adding 5G capability to its entry-level handsets. Making all models compatible with a 5G network is the aim. Samsung has “streamlined” several of the 5G devices, though, in comparison to 4G LTE ones.

As instances, consider the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A13 LTE. The 5G smartphones have faster CPUs and enable 5G networks, but they also have lower screen resolutions and fewer rear cameras than LTE models.

It is possible to examine the changes Samsung has made to a number of budget models, including the Galaxy A32. Despite the fact that Samsung will give it faster processors, enable 5G networks, and make 5G the standard choice for entry-level versions, the configuration of components like screens and cameras will be scaled back to save money.

Samsung, to reduce mobile phone production

According to a recent rumor, major cell phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple plan to cut back on production. Taiwan Economic Daily claims that there is a significant inventory problem in the global mobile phone market this year. Sales have decreased, but giants have also begun to cut back on manufacturing. These major brands are doing every effort to lessen market risks and quicken destocking. Analysts estimate that this year’s worldwide mobile phone shipments would only total 1.26 billion units as a result of the epidemic, inflation, and slower economic growth. This represents a 6.8% decrease year over year (YoY). Around 1.327 billion mobile phone units will be shipped worldwide in the following year, representing a 5.2% YoY growth.

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