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Samsung Is Working On A 6G Network That Might Be 50 Times Faster Than 5G.

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Samsung Electronics has released a new white paper outlining its ambitions for the next generation of networking, known as 6G. Let’s take a look at the document “6G Spectrum: Expanding the Frontier,” which it shared.


“We have been on our journey to understand, develop, and standardize 6G communications technology for a long time,” says Sunghyun Choi, Samsung’s Executive Vice President and Head of the Advanced Communications Research Center. We intend to take the lead and share our results in order to extend our goal of bringing the next hyperconnected experience to every aspect of life.” In other words, the South Korean IT behemoth has started developing the next-generation standard.

6G would also necessitate a spectrum with extremely wideband bandwidth ranging from “hundreds of MHz to tens of GHz.” Simply put, this will enable high-fidelity mobile holograms as well as completely immersive extended reality (XR). In addition, the corporation is working to expand the reach of the next-generation communications standard. It is taking into account all 6G bands, from low band under 1GHz through mid band in the 1 to 24GHz range and even high bands in the 24 to 300GHz range.

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When it comes to the potential benefits of 6G, Samsung believes that speeds might reach 1 Terabit per second (Tbps), which is 50 times faster than the 20Gbps of 5G networks. The business demonstrated a 6Gbps data throughput at a 15-meter distance indoors during their tests in June 2021. The network was able to achieve a data rate of 12Gbps at 30 meters indoors. The data rate reached 2.3Gbps even at a distance of 120 meters. Samsung intends to release more information and conclusions from its 6G research in the future, so stay tuned for more information.

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