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Samsung Introduces Flex Hybrid OLED That Folds And SSlides

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Flex Hybrid OLED, a screen that can fold and slide, was unveiled by Samsung Display and would be used in upcoming smartphones, tablets, and laptops. A huge 10.5″ display with a 4:3 ratio and an even bigger 12.4″ panel with a 16:10 ratio can fit within a typical smartphone footprint because to the panel’s ability to move and unfold from one side.

The new item will be displayed at CES 2023, which gets underway later this week in Las Vegas, along with two movable panels.

To enlarge a 14″ OLED screen to a 17.3″ screen, the Flex Slidable Solo and Flex Slidable Duet projects can be dragged from one (or both) ends. The touch sensitive nature of each panel will aid smartphone manufacturers in their quest to revolutionize the mobile phone. It is quite improbable that these panels will soon reach the end market.

The new QD-OLED panels for TVs and monitors from Samsung’s display business will also make their debut at CES 2023. Sizes of 77″, 65″, 55″, 34″, and a 49″ ultra-wide version are anticipated.

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