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Vivo Unveils OriginOS 4 Unveiled at Vivo Developer Conference

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At the Vivo Developer Conference in Shenzhen, China, tech enthusiasts and Vivo users witnessed the grand unveiling of OriginOS 4, the latest operating system update for Vivo devices. Powered by Android 14, OriginOS 4 promises a host of remarkable features and enhancements, setting a new standard for mobile operating systems.

Performance Boost:

One of the standout features of OriginOS 4 is the introduction of a virtual graphics card, a groundbreaking technology that significantly reduces waiting times when opening and closing apps. This innovation translates into a 36% improvement in application response speed, accompanied by a remarkable 70% boost in display frame rate stability. As a result, users can expect smoother and faster app interactions, greatly enhancing the overall user experience.

The virtual graphics card doesn’t stop at speed improvements; it also brings ray tracing, frame insertion, and super-resolution technologies into play, elevating the quality of visuals, from skin textures to reflections.

To optimize the system’s efficiency, OriginOS 4 undergoes lightweight reconstruction, reducing background processes by 20%. This leads to reduced power consumption, extending device standby time by an impressive 15%. With OriginOS 4, users can enjoy up to 14 days of standby use without needing to recharge. A separate computing space is dedicated to music playback to ensure uninterrupted music enjoyment for up to 105 hours.

Optimized Scheduling:

Unfair Scheduling 2.0 manages CPU power and resources more effectively, making the phone’s response to complex scenarios more agile and responsive. Memory Efficiency receives a boost with Memory fusion 4.0, maximizing memory usage for improved app startup and background operation.


OriginOS 4 offers a wide range of customization options. It boasts over 2,000 redesigned icons for improved visual comfort without compromising recognition. Vivo Sans, a customized font, ensures clear text presentation at various font sizes. Real-time blurring effects, contextual wallpaper, and lock screen customization offer a more personalized and visually appealing interface.

Connectivity and More:

OriginOS 4 brings several features to make daily life more convenient and efficient. The new meeting assistant introduces real-time sound-to-text transcription for easy access to meeting points and saving minutes to Atomic Notes for future viewing and editing. The super power-saving mode extends standby time even at 1% battery, ensuring users are never caught off guard by a dead battery. Car connectivity is enhanced with vivo Intelligent Vehicle 4.0, simplifying navigation, parking, and other in-car tasks. The global intelligent assistant, Blue Heart Jr. V, offers multiple interaction modes, including AI copywriting, drag-and-drop functionalities, mapping, chatting, and more. An AI offline translation feature ensures seamless communication even in areas with limited or no network connectivity. The family health component displays the health status of family members, helping users keep track of their loved ones’ well-being.

Availability and Rollout:

OriginOS 4 will come pre-installed on the upcoming Vivo X100 series and iQOO 12, set to release this month. For other Vivo and iQOO models, the public test version rollout plan is as follows:

First Batch (End of December 2023):

  • Vivo: X Fold2, X Flip, X90 Series
  • iQOO: iQOO 11 Pro, 11S, and 11

Second Batch (End of January 2024):

  • Vivo: X Fold+, X Fold, X Note
  • iQOO: iQOO 10, 10 Pro, iQOO Neo8, and Neo8 Pro

With the remarkable features and improvements that OriginOS 4 brings, Vivo users have much to look forward to in the coming months. Faster app response times, enhanced customization, and improved connectivity are just the beginning. Stay tuned for the official rollout, and get ready to explore the new possibilities this update will offer. OriginOS 4 is set to elevate the smartphone experience for all its users.

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