OPPO RENO 12 AND 12 PRO: Oppo’s New Ai Smartphone

Get ready for a head-head showdown between two titans of smartphones. Oppo Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro were introduced in the global markets on Tuesday after it as officially announced at Oppo’s inaugural event in Ibiza on June 18.

With amazing designs and unmatched features, the Oppo Reno 12 and 12 Pro has made available a wide range of possibilities.

Here, we shall give detailed overview of latest set of Smartphone wonders which includes its build and quality, design innovations, performance benchmarks, RAM and storage variants, Battery life, Display and Screen quality, Camera System and photography, Connectivity and network.

Unprecedented Reno Designs of Oppo Reno 12 amd 12 Pro

Its indeed the era of futuristic fluid design. The 3D design features of Reno 12 and 12 Pro added a beautiful visual effect to its characteristics. The look out for exquisite ergonomics and zero-pressure comfort design has been attained, thus achieving elegant, flowing curves that are the perfect fit for your choice. The slim, lightweight body creates a convenient feeling.

Lets explore the design features of both phones.

Reno 12

  • Weight – 177g2
  • Thickness – 7.57mm2

Reno 12 Pro

  • Weight – 180g
  • Thickness – 7.40mm

Infinite View Screen

Have you experienced the comfort of straight and in-hand curved screen combined with an ultra-bright and a billion hues? With the Oppo Reno 12 and 12 pro series, you can enjoy it all. Its display and screen quality includes;

  • Ultra High Refresh Rate – 120Hz
  • Screen-To-Body Ratio – 93.2% (Reno 12) and 93.5% (Reno 12 Pro)
  • 1.07 Billion Colours
  • HDR10+ Certified
  • FHD+ Resolution

Design Innovations – All Round Armour

The real test of a device is its ability to stand the test of durability and resistance against natural occurrences resulting to damage. The Reno 12 and 12 Pro were built with awesome features like the pressure resistance, anti-aging, and splash proof to help enhance the efficiency and longevity of the smartphone. With the pressure resistance, the phone can withstand certain amount of pressure without breaking up. While the anti-aging feature helps it survive certain extreme temperature and humidity with no ill effects, the splash proof effects prevent damages which may result from contact with liquids and spills.

Unique AI Portrait Expert

Imagine an unparalleled world of photography with the help of AI. The Oppo Reno 12 and 12 Pro both possess the AI Eraser 2.0 that turns average pictures into awesome ones. And all you need to do is to click to remove delete unwanted objects with ease, and your magic memories will be made into ideal images in an instant!

The AI Clear Face feature makes use of HD details and quality to increase photo clarity and reduce distortion for up to ten people. Making everyone look like the star of the show with the AI Smart Image Matting 2.0 cut out and create feature which quickly cuts out people and anything else from the photo while allowing you to add your choice objects, stickers and background. All these can you do even without leaving the app.

Finally, the AI Studio is an excellent choice for creating a perfect photo by adding a cool background and changing your body features to make you look better. AI Studio also lets you create incredible looking images from one photo.

The Ultra-Clear Camera Features of these phone series are;

Reno 12

  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera
  • Macro Camera
  • Main Camera with OIS – 50MP
  • Selfie Camera with AF – 32MP

Reno 12 Pro

  • Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera
  • Telephoto Portrait Camera – 50MP
  • Main Camera with OIS – 50MP
  • Selfie Camera with AF – 50MP
  • 4K Ultra-Clear Video

Connectivity and Network with AI LinkBoost

The new Oppo smartphone series promises unprecedented network experience with AI LinkBoost. This helps users to enjoy a smooth, seamless, and steady connection with faster sharing, and more precise navigation, not matter what the network conditions. Amazingly, the AI LinkBoost can detect when you are out of reach from network and can quickly reconnect you with minimum delays, aids with quick messages and video sharing in environments with weak network connection, and help you get more accurate locations and routing during navigation, especially in complex streets and high-rise buildings.

Did I not tell you that the impossibility has been made possible with Oppo’s new Phone Series?

With the AI feature of Beaconlink, you can now make voice calls even when there’s no mobile signal. The smart technology has been made able to boost your Bluetooth power so you can still reach out to those nearby. Now, that sounds interesting.

Battery Life

  • Flash Charge – 80W SUPERVOOCTM
  • Large Battery – 5000mAh
  • Durable Battery – Over 4 Years
  • Stand By – Up to 25 Days
  • Charge from 1-100% in 46 Mins

Storage – Mega Memory

  • RAM – 12GB RAM
  • ROM – 512GB


Oppo’s new Ai Smartphone series of Reno 12 and 12 Pro includes features that unique and awesome. Its Ai features enhances its efficiency and makes it stand out among other brands as it has provided ground breaking innovations. So tell us, will you be trying these phone out? Don’t forget to drop your reviews too!

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