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OnePlus Nord 2 Is Now Receiving The Stable Update To Android 12

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We’re used to seeing newer devices get major Android updates before their predecessors, but with the Nord line, OnePlus took a different approach. The original Nord received the Android 12 upgrade a few weeks ago, but the Nord 2, which has gone through a handful of open betas, is only now starting to receive it.

The first of these was released roughly a month ago, so it’s not surprising that the stable release followed a few weeks later. Anyway, it’s now available as a 4.89GB download, more than six months after g first made it available, but better late than never, right?


The deployment began in India and is being staggered as usual, which means that only a tiny percentage of devices will receive the update notification in the coming days. If no show-stopping issues are discovered, it will begin a wider release at some time after that. For Indian Nord 2 units, the updated build number is DN2101 11.C.04, and you’ll also get the May 2022 security patches.

If you’ve had enough of waiting and know what sideloading an OTA package entails, you may download the whole OTA zip from the source link below. Otherwise, waiting for the notification is the best option. This build appears to be identical to the second Open Beta, which is both interesting and concerning. Whether or not this is a mistake has yet to be seen, as OnePlus has yet to formally announce the stable update on its forums—knowledge of the release comes from Nord 2 owners who have already received it.

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