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MIUI 14 Has Been Upgraded – Adding Huge Improvements

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Xiaomi, a Chinese company, worked very hard to improve and smooth out its Android skin for users. Xiaomi’s Android skin, called MIUI, is one of the best ones available. Despite what some may say, the company has millions of honorable MIUI users who won’t accept anything except the MIUI operating system. The eagerly awaited MIUI 14 was also made public at the press presentation for Xiaomi 13. The new MIUI 14 not only makes the system more fluid, but it also introduces a whole new UI vision. For instance, new huge icons, large folders, desktop pets, etc., offer consumers some newness.

It is important to note that MIUI 14’s huge folder’s design logic had a few problems. The places of the four icons are taken up by the full folder. Only three apps, however, may be launched by clicking immediately. After opening the folder, users will need to click the other programs to access them.

MIUI 14 brings a fix

MIUI has, fortunately, always been a system that values user input and experience. Xiaomi has now updated the beta version with some fixes based on feedback responses from recent times. Now that additional programs are available in the huge file folder (Jiugongge version), users can access them directly.

The system desktop can also be updated to version for users who are not internal test users. You can look for and utilize the installation package that some people have extracted.

Following the update, when you select the Jiugongge app, you will see 8 icons instead of the previous four, all of which can be opened instantly. Additionally, a smart display can be set up. When sorting and making intelligent app recommendations, the system will automatically understand the user’s usage patterns. HarmonyOS from Huawei is where this feature originally surfaced. Despite being a fairly straightforward design concept, it significantly enhances the user experience. Chinese Android systems have largely contributed to its current popularity.

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