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LG Announces New Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera With OIS Support

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With the formal unveiling of its brand-new “Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module,” which will be made available for upcoming smartphones soon, LG Innotek has just made a noteworthy announcement. The specifics are provided below.

The new optical telephoto camera from the South Korean manufacturer will feature an integrated telescopic camera function that can capture images with a high magnification of up to 4x to 9x zoom. The business asserts that the improved image sensor will allow it to take these pictures without suffering any image quality reduction. According to official documentation, the typical “fixed zoom module” used in the industry only provides optical magnification in the designated zoom regions.

The digital zoom allows for any additional magnification that is applied to the photograph. But LG Innotek claimed to have created a zoom actuator, which is a part that moves the lens to allow changing the focus distance. As a result, the telephoto shooter is not restricted to just the two degrees of magnification and can record clear photos in all portions between the 4x and 9x parts. Notably, OIS support is also provided for this camera technology (Optical Image Stabilization).

Devices with this sensor will be able to get steadier recordings and eliminate blur in still images thanks to OIS. The brands that use it will also be able to conserve room inside the body of their smartphones because the module is smaller as well. Therefore, it is technically feasible to have a reduced camera bump or none at all.

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