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iOS 16 Beta 6 Makes Changes To The Battery Percentage Feature

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The iOS 16 Beta 6 developer preview update has been made available by Apple. The main goals of this most recent release are bug fixes and other minor enhancements. Additionally, it adds a few minor adjustments to the previously released status bar battery percentage feature. The status bar’s battery percentage function can now be disabled when utilizing battery low power mode, which is a new improvement. The earlier beta made this impossible. Battery Percentage is activated automatically in iOS 16 Beta 5 when Low Power Mode is enabled. There is no way to turn on Low Power Mode without also showing the battery percentage, even when it is off. The two switches are no longer connected thanks to a change in iOS 16 Beta 6.

Users may instantly check their battery level on iOS 16

The battery % value for the battery icon can now be disabled, and battery low power mode can be activated. Up until the release of the iPhone X in 2017, the battery % was a common element of the iPhone status bar. Apple claims that the introduction of the notch forced it to eliminate the feature owing to a shortage of available space.

The battery level is visible in the status bar until iOS 16 Beta 5 is released. By swiping to the control center, it was also able to see the required battery % in detail. Checking the battery widget is another way to see the battery percentage. With numbers superimposed on the battery indicator, Apple offered the option to enable the battery % in the iPhone status bar in iOS 16 Beta 5. The standard battery icon, which varies over time as the battery is used up, is replaced by this number. As a result, a lot of people wonder why the battery always seems to be full.

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