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Hackers Released The Data Of 235 Million Twitter Users For Free

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There have been a number of problems with Twitter ever since Elon Musk took control of the firm. According to a recent revelation, hackers posted 235 million Twitter user’s data for free on a forum. According to Cybernews, the size of the exposed data is roughly 63GB. The user’s name, email address, number of followers, and account creation date are among the information included. Even the public database is accessible to everyone and can be downloaded.

Co-founder of the Israeli security firm Hudson Rock, Alon Gal, thinks that hackers might use the stolen Twitter database to attack encrypted accounts. Additionally, they have the ability to hack popular and political accounts as well as ones with catchy usernames. These hackers can even target accounts that don’t make use of Twitter’s dedicated email. He declared, “There is no question that hacker groups from all over the world will exploit this database to further jeopardize the privacy of our people.

The records were likely leaked in late 2021 via a Twitter bug that allowed anybody with an email address or phone number to discover any account on Twitter that matched those details, according to The Washington Post. To check an infinite number of phone numbers and email addresses, these queries can be automated.

Hacker steals 400 million Twitter accounts – offers Musk a deal

A hacker allegedly had access to around 400 million Twitter user accounts as of a week ago. Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, is also being given the chance to purchase them back from him. The vendor, who goes by the online alias Ryushi, has granted “trial access” to 1,000 Twitter accounts. As a result, everyone who wants to purchase them may confirm their legitimacy. He wrote.

“Twitter or Elon Musk if you are reading this you are already risking a GDPR fine over 5.4m breach imaging the fine of 400m users breach source. Your best option to avoid paying $276 million USD in GDPR breach fines like Facebook did (due to 533m users being scraped) is to buy this data exclusively,” 

According to earlier reports, the EU will review the social media giant’s records to look for data leaks involving 5.4 million users.

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