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Google’s Latest Advertisement Makes Fun At The iPhone 15 Pro Max And Hypes Up the Pixel 8 Pro

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In the realm of tech rivalries, Google has unleashed its creative prowess once again with a new installment in its video ad series, bearing the hashtag “#BestPhonesForever.” This time, they’ve concocted a whimsical tale highlighting the wonders of AI that will grace the forthcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, set to debut on October 4.

In a light-hearted comparison, the video pairs the Pixel 7 Pro with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. According to Google, the iPhone’s updates seem rather mundane, consisting of “a different mute button, a more dynamic island, and a fresh charging port.” In Google’s whimsical world, the iPhone appears somewhat anxious about the potential of the Pixel 8 Pro outshining it, claiming to offer “the best AI,” whatever that may entail.

The iPhone, in a comically self-aware moment, predicts that all the buzz will surround the Pixel 8 devices, especially commending their “eye-catching design” that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. The underlying message is clear – Google is playfully implying that the upcoming Pixel might steal the limelight. This, despite the irony that real-world scenarios have seen enthusiastic Apple fans queuing up in multiple countries for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. It’s a playful dream by Google, to say the least.

These ads, designed with a “Best Friends Forever” theme, might seem cute on the surface, but they’re also Google’s way of poking fun at Apple where it’s supposedly vulnerable. However, this time, it appears Google might have missed the mark, as the reality of consumer demand tells a different story.

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