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Google Chrome Will Drop Support For Windows 7 And 8.1 In 2023

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Microsoft is well aware of some users’ hesitation to upgrade to more recent Windows versions. We can say that Windows 7 was one of the most widely used OS versions after Windows XP. There are still users that use it on their computers despite the paucity of reliable support. However, using this outdated version will get more difficult over time. By 2023, Google Chrome, one of the most widely used online browsers, will stop supporting Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Google revealed that starting on February 7, 2023, Chrome will stop supporting previous versions of Windows. Since it takes the release of Google Chrome 110 into account, the date is subject to change. But it is very evident that Google intends to stop supporting older Microsoft operating systems with this upgrade. The fact that the date coincides with Microsoft’s end of support for Windows 7 suggests that it is not merely a coincidence. As long as users insist on using the outdated OS, that is a common action.


Windows 7 and 8.1 will lose Microsoft support, so Google is following with Google Chrome

Windows 8.1, the contentious update that wasn’t as popular as its predecessor, will continue to receive support till January 10, 2023. It’s a little odd that the newer loses support first, but remember that Windows 8.1 wasn’t all that popular, and we doubt that many people are still using it. Google is responding with Google Chrome as Microsoft ends support.

To continue receiving future Google Chrome updates, you must ensure that your device is running Windows 10 or a later version. Users of older versions of Google Chrome will still be able to use the browser, according to the company. However, it is not a good idea to keep an outdated version without updates. After all, security weaknesses might make you a target for hackers.

At the moment, Windows 7 is a part of Microsoft’s “Extended Security Update (ESU)” program. Around 10% of users worldwide are still using this OS version, according to data from Statcounter. Around 68% of PCs have Google Chrome installed as their web browser.

Google continues to advance Chrome toward version 110 in the meanwhile. Version 107 was recently released by the company and has several new features.

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