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Global 5G Network Users Exceed 1 Billion – Cover 36% Of The World

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Since the 5G network went into commercial operation, it has steadily expanded throughout the world. In terms of 5G adoption, Asia is well ahead of the rest of the world. In actuality, China alone is home to more than 60% of all 5G base stations worldwide. However, the use of the 5G network is being gradually expanded in both Europe and North America. According to new research from Strategy Analytics, this year’s improvement in operator performance has been mostly driven by 5G. 924 million 5G subscribers were active as of September, up from 819 million in June. Over the past month, there have been more than 1 billion 5G subscribers worldwide. The adoption of 5G around the world is picking up speed.

The survey estimates that 36% of the world’s population will be covered by 5G networks by the end of this month. The estimate asserts that sales of 5G mobile phones will soon make up half of all mobile phone sales worldwide. According to Strategy Analytics, 5G will continue to grow rapidly globally in 2023. Last month saw the launch of 5G services in India, which will add to the region’s growth in Asia-Pacific in 2019. Additionally, other carriers in Latin America will follow Chile’s and Brazil’s lead. These are the countries in South America with the best 5G coverage.

This year will reportedly be an interesting one for 5G, according to reports. This is a result of the solid user base growth and the expansion of 5G services. Operators now have access to more options and more sophisticated new advanced network services. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reports that as of the end of November, there were 1.684 billion mobile phone subscribers in China. 542 million of them have 5G mobile phones. 32.2% of people who use mobile phones do this.

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