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From December 2 Forward, Twitter Will Manually Validate Verified Accounts

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After a break of more than three years, Twitter restarted its verification program in May of last year. However, after Elon Musk acquired control of the company, it was suspended once more. Musk has stated that Verified will “tentatively” debut on December 2 and that all verified accounts will need to be personally authenticated before the check kicks in.

Verified accounts began impersonating well-known people and brands after Musk took over Twitter, and the company began giving blue check marks to eligible Twitter Blue subscribers as well. This is why manually authenticating verified accounts is unquestionably a good idea.

Along with announcing the verification feature’s potential launch, Musk also revealed that the Twitter checkmarks will now be available in three different hues: gold, grey, and blue. Companies should be represented in gold, governments in grey, and people in blue.


Musk also mentioned that people can now have a second, tiny emblem that indicates they are members of a particular organization, provided that this is confirmed by the organization.

It’s unclear whether Twitter will continue to validate accounts using the same standards as before or if they will be upgraded. We might learn more about verification next week since Musk promised a “full explanation” of it.

Although Twitter provided more clarity about the verification process last year after the relaunch, the way Twitter verified accounts raised some questions and left the users perplexed since many accounts didn’t meet the criteria yet managed to get the blue check mark. Let’s hope the verification process will make more sense now and feel less random.

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