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For the Galaxy S23 and S23+’s blurry images, Samsung is developing an update.

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There have been reports from some Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ owners regarding a peculiar problem with their photos, which has been dubbed the “banana blur” due to its distinctive shape. Although not everyone has experienced this issue, those who have are understandably disappointed that their new flagship camera, boasting a 50MP resolution, is affected.

One Samsung Community member, s9tralala, has shared example photos that clearly demonstrate the problem. These photos exhibit a “banana blur” effect when taken up close with certain Galaxy S23 and S23+ units.

Fortunately, Samsung has acknowledged the issue, as evidenced by a post on the Samsung Poland community forum. The post assures users that a solution is being developed, indicating that the problem can be resolved through a software fix and does not stem from any hardware defects.

However, specific details regarding the release date of the fix have not been provided. In the meantime, the post offers a couple of temporary workarounds:

1. Take photos from a distance of at least 30 cm/1 ft.
2. Try holding the phone vertically.

The following excerpt from the post, translated from Polish by a machine, explains the problem in more detail:

“While testing the camera capabilities of the Galaxy S23 or S23+, you may have noticed that the area surrounding the subject appears slightly blurred when taking close-up shots. This is due to the rear wide-angle camera on the S23 and S23+ having a large aperture, which is beneficial for low-light photography. However, this characteristic also results in more noticeable selective focus, causing the background of your photos to appear slightly blurry.”

It’s worth noting that the banana blur issue does not affect the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, as stated in the post. This is attributed to the focus booster feature implemented in the S23 Ultra.

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