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Fingerprint Unlock Now Available for Incognito Tab in Chrome for Android

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One of the most helpful tools for the broad audience is the Incognito tab. It stops people from viewing our search and browsing history. The capability for fingerprint unlock in the incognito tab has apparently been implemented by Chrome, which is really good news for fans of the incognito mode. According to reports, the new feature will give the user additional privacy. To reopen the incognito tab after locking the phone or switching to another app, the user will need to use their fingerprint.

The option to require your fingerprint to access Incognito tabs in Chrome for Android, a feature that was initially seen in development last year, was officially announced by Google today. This feature, which was first made available in early 2021 for Chrome for iOS, just requires that you “Unlock Incognito” using your fingerprint after restarting the Android browser. You may select “See other tabs” from the Incognito splash screen, and an overflow menu will allow you close any open settings or secret browsing tabs.

Going to Chrome Settings > Privacy and security will enable this optional function. Lock any active Incognito tabs before closing Chrome: To view open Incognito tabs, lock the screen. When enabling or disabling, you can use your PIN in addition to verification. You immediately get the splash screen after closing Chrome. It can be helpful when handing someone your phone (as long as they don’t know your passcode).

Google announced today that the functionality is “already going out to Android users” in honor of Data Privacy Day. The upgrade will be accessible to a sizable portion of people in the coming days. This concludes our article on the new fingerprint unlock function available to Chrome users. What are your thoughts on this? Please leave a remark below with your ideas. I value your time spent reading the full post.

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