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Facebook Will Allow You To Create Up To 5 Profiles With A Single Account

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Facebook is currently experimenting with the idea of allowing users to have access to up to five profiles on the social network under a single account. As with Instagram and TikTok, the social network wants to encourage its members to customize their profiles to reflect their unique interests. No details regarding the deployment date have been made public.

Facebook has never actually discouraged people from having numerous accounts, but up until now, its strategy has not truly supported this. The goal of social media has always been to provide the most complete picture of a person’s life and interests. However, the Internet and the world of social networks have undergone a significant transformation recently, and Facebook remains far behind its rivals.


You will soon be able to create several Facebook profiles under the same account

This is the personalization period. As a result, it’s not unusual for one person to run multiple Instagram profiles, each with a distinct editorial line. As the other suggested, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. It took Facebook some time to accept it, but it seems to be the case now. The software is really testing the ability to manage up to 5 accounts from a single profile right now.

The social network claims that switching from one profile to another will simply take a few clicks, making it very easy. Thus, the manipulation will probably resemble what is currently taking on on Instagram. Facebook hopes that this new feature will inspire users to establish profiles specifically for their interests and passions. So, from a single account, one individual may manage a profile for travel, another for technology, and a third for games.

However, Meta makes it clear that the profiles must adhere to the platform’s standard usage guidelines. It will be impossible to submit hostile content or impersonate someone else as a result. The announcement comes as more users are deleting their accounts, which is troublesome for the social network, which earlier this year had its first-ever daily user loss.

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