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Bill Gates Accused Elon Musk In Using “Seat-of-the-pants” Decision-making Style

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The present managerial approach in internet organizations is referred to as “Bro culture.” It’s a management style in which unexperienced white men run a company and are willing to pay any price to attain their objectives. In addition, there is another phrase, “seat-of-the-pants” decision-making style, that describes how such managers make decisions. Elon Musk has adhered to this since taking control of Twitter. According to Bill Gates, the digital polarization is becoming worse.

What Elon Musk Does Worsens Digital Polarization

Bill Gates believes that Elon Musk uses a seat-of-the-pants approach to decision-making rather than relying on a set of metrics.

In October, Elon Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion. He deactivated Amber Heard’s account as one of his first actions. You could assume that nothing strange about this information, but she was Musk’s former lover. Even the phrase “when you have so much money that you can buy a social platform to seek revenge on your ex” has been used in jokes.

Well, if we’re talking about more important choices, advertisers either stopped using the site or took a break due to worries about his content filtering approach. We are not even discussing his choice to let go of half of Twitter’s workers.

Elon Musk ran a poll a few days ago asking people if they thought he should step down as CEO of Twitter. The majority of voters believe he should resign from his job. In response to the outcome of the vote, he declared, “I will step down as CEO as soon as I find someone oblivious enough to fill the position! I will then only be in charge of the software and servers teams.

According to some with knowledge of the situation, Musk was looking for a new CEO. The work was already underway when Musk opened the polls. Elon Musk stated in a tweet last week that no contender is presently willing to take over as Twitter’s leader. Finding a CEO is not the issue, he continued, but rather finding a CEO who can keep Twitter running.

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