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Apple Confirms iPhone With USB-C Is Coming

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Apple explicitly stated that the iPhone would be using USB-C. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Greg Joswiak, the marketing director at Apple, stated that the company will replace the Lightning port even if his team disagrees with the modification.

Software Vice President Craig Federighi also participated in the conversation, but none of them provided a specific date for the transfer.

iphone with usb c

The iPhone 14 series should be the last in the family with a Lightning port

The statement made by Apple officials that “the Europeans are the ones deciding timing for European customers” was a smart omission of information regarding the switchover’s schedule. Although Joswiak refused to say, it appears highly improbable that Apple will launch a connector that is sold outside of the EU.

The executive also discussed Apple’s commitment to forging its own path and trusting its engineers rather than abiding by legislative requirements and utilizing hardware made by third parties. He also mentioned the tiny USB port and how Apple had been pressured to comply with unreasonable demands.

The marketing manager went on to say that charging bricks with detachable connections solved the standardization problem and warned against the changeover to USB-C since it would force customers to buy new cables and throw away their old ones, which would result in a lot of electronic waste.

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