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A Record Number Of Android Users Are Switching To Apple iPhones In 2022

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Nothing is going well for Android, which is seeing a growing number of people turn to iOS instead of using its operating system. Despite some very unconvincing new iOS 16 improvements, Apple seems to be attracting more and more people.

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On a conference call for the third quarter of 2022 earnings, Apple reported record sales of $83.0 billion in the quarter ending in June, up 2% from the quarter before. CEO Tim Cook had before asserted that a sizable portion of Android customers had switched to iPhones in recent months. “Now let’s discuss the iPhone. In terms of both revenue and the number of conversions to the iPhone, we are breaking records for the June quarter.

The company’s CEO thus supports the information from a StockApp report from the beginning of the year, which already allowed us to see that Android was losing customers at an alarming rate. Recall that the Google operating system has lost ground recently, falling from 77.32 percent market share to 69.74 percent in just four years.


A record number of Android users are moving to iPhones

Despite this year’s sharp decline in smartphone sales, Samsung and Apple continue to rule the podium. In the first quarter of this year, the American giant experienced a healthy gain of 3%, expanding its market share from 15% to 18%. Therefore, it appears that a large portion of Android customers are switching to Apple from Google’s operating system.

Additionally, we saw last year that iPhone customers were more steadfast and resistant to switch smartphones than Android users, a tendency that Apple itself had noticed. “Thanks to this level of sales performance and unmatched customer devotion, the active iPhone installed base hit a new all-time high across all geographies. In fact, the most recent US consumer poll by 451 Research shows that 98 percent of consumers are satisfied with their iPhones. According to Apple Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri, “We also attracted a record number of switchers for the June quarter, with significant double-digit year-over-year growth.

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